May. 23rd, 2010

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Seriously on that. My car radio is dying. It's been dying for a while, but now it's REALLY dying. In order to make the radio work, I have to hit it, and today when making it work by hitting it, I banged my hand up pretty badly.

This makes me concerned that I'm going to kill my hand (the one I draw with, and thus the one that keeps me employed) soon. So I'm doing a fundraiser to help me offset the cost of a new radio.

EDIT: I do have a more "official" number now on this, after a trip to Best Buy. If I'm lucky, I'll manage to swing a sale, however, this is how the numbers break down currently:
* $120 for the radio itself (Pioneer DEH-2200UB)
* $55 for the installation fee (with luck, a sale will show up that makes installation free)
* $150 for the parts to install. Because my car is stupid.
So the total I'll need to raise is a minimum of $270. The radio is cheaper than the ones previously linked, but the parts to make it fit bring the cost way up... So, I'll be selling commissions until I can afford it. ^^;;

I'm doing $5 ink commissions, in batches of ten. They'll be black and white ink on colored paper, 8.5" x 5.5" (I fail at math, disregard previous dimensions), one character, you'll get a high-res scan of them and if you kick in $2 for an envelope and postage I can also mail them out to you, but I tend to be slow at mailing... (I still have a couple that need to go out.)
Comment here with your request! :D Be sure to include an email so I can get payment from you. ^_^ (Feel free to spamproof it though with an (at) or NOSPAM.)

The list of takers: 4 slots open! )


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