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I hate McCall's patterns. And it's not just because they make things overly complicated, no. Some of their patterns can be surprisingly straightforward. And they have some styles different from Simplicity, and oftentimes in styles I need for costuming. No, the reason I hate McCall's is because they don't know what an inch is. I'm not kidding. I just finished up the model for my Movie!Ed vest, at size Men's 36. Now, I have a 36 chest (discounting certain features...), and when the article is described as "loose-fitting" on the package back, and with a finished measurement of 40", I figure, well hey, once I'm all bound up, this'll fit. But no, it doesn't even come close. I did an actual measurement of the thing, and the finished measurement of 40" is actually 38" if I stretch the fabric (which is the measurement of the next size down). And it's not just this pattern, either. I used a pants pattern a while back, and didn't actually make a model since I'd assumed, "Well, I wear a Men's 36 pant with plenty of room in it, a 36 pant should be just fine." It fits like a 32. Even my snug 34s fit better than those pants. I can't even put AIR in the pockets of those pants. I've at least got enough material left that I can remake them.

So I'm preparing to make the actual vest now. Other than it being horribly undersized, everything else worked out well enough for me to move forward. In the interest of making it actually "loose-fitting," I'll be jumping from a 36 to a 42. Which is actually another pattern envelope altogether, but luckily I already had a copy of that one. I just had to find it (and spent about a half hour looking, and another 15 minutes sorting and preparing). Got all the fabric, still need the interfacing (unless I turn up some of that on my next scrounging mission), got the buttons, need the buckle... Got the thread, and I'll probably edge all the pieces before I start working, since there's some definate risk of fraying on this project. (The model fabric frays like crazy, I'm surprised I didn't jam up my machine with all that mess.)

On the diet front... I completely fell off it for a couple days. >.< I'm pulling myself back on, though. I don't know that I'll get to any exercize today but I'm at least not going to eat too much.

On the work front... I start Tuesday morning at 7 am. ^_^ It's only part time, but at least it's work again!

And since I promised it, how I'm making Onigiri:
*Fill rice cooker with 1.5 cups white rice and 2 cups water
*Add a few splashes of rice vinegar to season it
*Add other seasonings: These vary depending on what I'm putting in, but usually include a good amount of diced garlic, and also might include ginger, soy sauce, teriyaki, meat seasonings, etc
*Add fillings: It should be cut into small pieces, and anything that will taste good with rice will work. I usually put in around 1/3 cup or so, not so much that the rice won't stick later, but not so little you won't be able to taste it
*Stir everything together, put lid on rice cooker, and turn on
And then it's time to wait. ^_^ Once it snaps off, remove the lid and (using pot holders or a towel), lift the bowl out of the rice cooker and set it on the counter, stir the fillings back in if they floated to the top (which is usually what happens for me), and let it sit for about 30 minutes to cool. Once it's cool enough to touch, wash hands and put some sesame or olive oil on them, rubbing it over them so they're coated. Take about 1/6 of the mix and start squishing it down into a ball, so it's all packed together. Any shape is fine, triangular is traditional and I'm still working on learning it. ^^ Set it aside on a plate and repeat for the rest of the mix, adding oil to hands when it starts to rub off and the mix starts to stick. They're best fresh, but can be put in the fridge for about a day and warmed up a little before being eaten; I don't really like them cold. Two onigiri and a salad or something is usually a good lunch for me.


Apr. 5th, 2006 12:26 am
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Breakfast: Everything bagel with veggie cream cheese
Snack: Um... Gah, I should write this down as I eat it. Cheese and chips, small amount
Lunch: Cashew Chicken Onigiri
Snack: I keep repressing the snacks... >.< Oh! Banana!
Dinner: Healthy Choice microwave meal (pretty good too)
Snack: Small bag of chips and tiny bit of (mostly nuts and raisins) trail mix, and a diet soda

Exercize: 30 minutes "endless mode" DDR Max2 because I got sick of Dance Master mode. I need my Max back though... I miss Healing Vision (Angelic Mix).

One way or the other it looks like I may have a job next week. I really hope it's the hotel one because I don't want to work for call center. But I'm required to take any job I'm able to, and financially, I need it.

[ profile] autumn_anrui, I know I said I'd tell how I've been making the onigiri tonight, but I'm tired, I promise I'll do it tomorrow since I won't be out as late. Sorry! ^^;;
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Here we go:
Breakfast: Banana!
Snack: Cashew Chicken Onigiri*
Lunch: Chips and cheese, a bit of jerky, a bit of salsa
Snack: Um... something? Aw, dammit, I forgot... I think it was some buttered potato bread.
Dinner: Yummy beef stew
Snack: "lite" Ice cream sandwich (Yum)

Exercise: 1 hour karate

*Cashew Chicken Onigiri: Very tasty. This was made with half the leftover cashew chicken from my Chinese dinner last night; the other half will go into tomorrow's onigiri. (After that, I'll be trying the beef stew cut up finer and tossed in...) Half was just about right, since any more and I don't think the rice would have been able to stick to itself, I had a little trouble getting them together. ^^ Along with the cashew chicken and rice, I added the usual rice vinegar and mirin, along with soy sauce, teriyaki, and diced garlic.

Onigiri seems to be turning out to be a very good use for leftovers. ^_^ I get about six in a pot too so since I'm generally only eating two of them I'm sharing the rest. Plus I love that the little boxes from the cheese sauce from HyVee are the absolute perfect size to hold two of them. I should probably pick up some seaweed to wrap across the bottoms, but by the time I eat them, they've usually sat long enough that they're not sticky anymore (I'm making them in the morning and then holding them for lunch or afternoon snack time).

Got some good costume progress today, in that I've finally drawn out the final version of the Movie!Ed costume, other than the back of the coat. I'll be doing that tomorrow and noting the measurements, then compiling the drawings to one page for reference while I work. I've got all the materials right now for coat and vest, so I can start at any time, and might start as soon as tomorrow, though I have a little not quite interview thing with another job agency... maybe one that'll do more for me than stupid Staffing Specialists. >.<

On the job front, I turned in an application and picked up another (long) one; also interviewed on the first one, so knock on wood for that.... Haven't heard back from any of last week's. Walmart put me on hold for 20 minutes. >.< So that's when I had my onigiri. ^_^

I need to pick a set group of tags and start tagging entries... hm.
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No, I still don't have a job. But I finally got approved for unemployment benefits, so money isn't as painful anymore for me. ^_^

"The applicant quit due to an uncomfortable work environment and gender discrimination. Submitted information shows that the applicant reported that the store manager was hostile towards female employees due to incidents such as random firing and cutting hours of female employees. The applicant reported that when she was removed from a full-time position to be replaced, without a clear reason, by a new male employee, the applicant quit. The applicant had talked with the manager before, and was told it was the applicant's fault. Since the applicant reported continual stress from workingwith the manager, and since the applicant's requests for relief from the situation was not acted upon, the preponderance of evidence shows the situation was adverse to the applicant, would compel an average worker to quit and become unemployed, and was directly related to the employment or a reason for which the employer is responsible. The applicant quit for a good reason caused by the employer."

See? They figured it out! ^_^ So hopefully by next week I'll have some money again and be able to survive without begging off my parents.

But I still want a job. -.-

Job Search

Feb. 22nd, 2006 12:15 pm
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So it's been a month since I lost my job. I have no more income, no unemployment, I'm mooching money off my parents for gas and bills and stuff, and I'm starting to run out of motivation. This is frustrating and depressing, and I'm so tired of the whole damn mess... In the past when I've looked for a job it hasn't taken me more than a week or two from starting the search to finding something, and now I'm sitting here looking at a lot of uncertainty and no stability or income in the forseeable future. Sure I'm planning to put some stuff on ebay and whatever, but that's not real income, that's just to help me out a bit and let me mooch a little less from my parents. I just want to work. I want a job. Why the fuck can't I find one?
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So I filed for unemployment benefits. Got a letter saying, "Okay, you're good, file your claim between this day and this day." So I did. And it said, "Okay, you're good, you'll get a check in a couple of days."

So today I get a letter from them. Not a check, a letter that says, "Hey, we're not giving you money after all, but file again between this day and this day."

Excuse me? I've got less than a dollar left. And one savings bond I've been clinging to, that's not worth a whole lot. Now I have to go cash out that and try to live on that for a while. When my parents get back from Florida they'll give me another loan, but I seriously need a job...

I've given up on the goddamned hotel. "Yeah, come in for an interview at this time." "Oh, you had an interview? Well, we'll find someone to do it." "Okay, we'll call you at this time." "Oh, sorry we didn't call you, can you come in for another interview?" "Okay, we did have an interview scheduled for you with Mr A but we're going to have Mr B do a quick one instead." "All right, we'll call you tomorrow." "Oh, sorry about that, we'll call you in a few hours." Yeah, fuck you too. At this point, if they did call me back, I'd be somewhat inclined to say, "Sorry, I'm busy, can I call you back at 4?"

Put in an application at the Hardware store... followed up on that today. They're still going through apps and scheduling interviews. Apparently they got a lot in, but hopefully me calling and expressing further interest will help... one of my former coworkers is there and said it's a pretty nice place to work, so I'd like to be able to work there, but...

I might take a little of my bond and use it to buy some materials for cosplay props at the hardware store. I'm hoping that maybe if I put down a little money and time onto making some things like a Wavemaster staff, Ed's spear, or other things like that using methods most other people don't actually have available to them (mainly for lack of facility or experience) that perhaps I could get a little money coming in on the side at least until I find something.

I'm bored as hell.


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