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So... hahhah my resolution to post more. At least this sort of counts? Provoked by people on Plurk...

If you don't want an RP semi-pimped at you, you can stop reading now. :D If you're still with me... well, I'm not going to really go crazy with the pimping, because either the game will appeal to you or it won't! But there's player slots open at Sabra La Tau, the game I play in over on InsaneJournal. (I think there's room right now to 4-5 new players? Not sure, that number was missing in the last update.) It is an AMNESIA GAME. It has PLOT. It has DRAMA and IC CONFLICT. If those things are turnoffs, don't bother looking further. If the idea of a game where your character is stripped of their memories and thrown into an amnesiac murdercave to compete to win back their memories and, ultimately, a potentially world-altering wish and a trip home? Go read the stuff here and consider apping.

Also as a fair warning, there IS an endpoint for the game and it's on the horizon, but honestly? It's about the same amount of time away as the minimum time to good-end a character, so it's not really that big of a deal, and it's fun regardless.

Aaaaand... that's all I have to say on that. Back to procrastinating cleaning ALL THE THINGS.


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